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In the mid-seventies Triumph remained as the only company of the formerly glorius British motorbike-industry and was fighting a loosing battle against the strong competition from Far East. Spare parts supply for English bikes only worked via occasional visits on the island and like-minded people could only be found within a radius of several hundred miles.

In the year 1976 some lovers of the manufacturer AMC came together and founded the AJS-Matchless-Organisation Germany. Concentrating on one model turned out to be disadvantageous because only few bikes from London's Plumstread Road found their way to Germany. At that time the number of members was about 60, therefore greater club-activities could not be organized.

On new years day 1981 this problem has been solved with the foundation of the Classic British Bike Club (CBBC), which now represents the interests of bikers, friends and owners of all English motorbikes and years of manufacture in Germany.


In the meantime we're nearly 1000 members and are therefore the biggest German club for English motorbikes. Our members live in Germany & neighbouring countries.

They read about clubevents in the professionally designed clubmagazine INFO, the only German specialist journal about English bikes. It is released (published) bi-monthly. In it you can find tips about maintenance, modification and restoration, events and clubmeetings - besides translations of English magazines and books past and present.

In addition we offer an extensive address-list of various motorbike-experts who are able to advise English-Bikers seeking help and provide information about the bikes in the club with the club's database.


The INFO is a clubmagazine by members for members. That means anyone who wishes can write down his/her experiences with the "Lady"

Also the INFO includes dates of club and regular smaller group meetings which are organised by active members: Here you get the chance to get to know the CBBC's people and their machines a little bit better and to discuss with like-mindes people.

Furthermore an important component of INFO is the "Spare's market". In this members can offer motorbikes and spares or search for items free of charge.

Anything else ?

The club itself runs a document copy-service for motor-vehicles. It gives you the possibility to get registration document copies in order to pass the MOT without trouble.

In the list of the so called Break-Down Service the CBBC-member finds names and adresses of clubmembers who can help him/her in case of a breakdown when far from home.

Since January 1997 the CBBC is also present in the World Wide Web under the domain On our website you'll find information about the club, a spare's market, technical support, a Classic Bike Gallery and much more ...

Getting curious ?

In this case you should ask for more information or better still become a member. The club fee is 30,- € per annum; the fee includes six INFOs delivered to your chosen adress. Those who become members after the 1st of July only have to pay 15 €. For more information contact:

Jürgen Kuse
Kirchstraße 1
D-48366  Laer


Classic British Bike Club
Classic British Bike Club